Net-Zero Living

Cut your emissions, cap your energy costs

A Cleaner World Inside & Out


The EVE Park team set out to bring an innovative net-zero community to London, ON. One that would make living healthier, safer and worry-free. The results are a variety of distinct features and technologies that together optimize the efficiency of the energy produced on-site everyday. These features are all around EVE Park, from the towering parking towers that includes electric vehicle charging, to the small LED lighting in your unit.

Electric Vehicle Enclave
Each EVE Park building homes a first-of-its-kind residential low-footprint parking tower! Our team has figured out all the engineering magic behind it that makes it both convenient, reliable and safe to use on a regular basis.
By installing parking towers at each building, we are reducing the land occupancy of vehicles and optimizing the outdoor space for uses such as our natural courtyards.
Community Micro-Grid
What is a micro-grid? In this case, it’s a combination of the power-production system (solar panels and inverters) and the metering equipment and interconnections that link the grid to a community-scale battery and to the London Hydro power grid. The micro-grid is designed to produce as much energy over the year as the whole development will use — Net-Zero.
The 84 households of EVE Park will collectively own, through the condo corporation, the solar PV (photovoltaic) micro-grid.
What are Inflation Protected Utilities?
Smart Technology Solutions
Every component of EVE Park has a role in creating not just a comfortable home for you but achieve our Net-Zero mission. The appliances and fixtures are all energy efficient, with unique features that make usage convenient and safe. The large efficient windows partnered with strategic building orientations fill your home with an abundance of natural light while contributing cleaner air solutions.

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Say Goodbye to Carbon Emissions

Tesla Logo

Our residents have the option to either purchase or lease the most popular electric vehicle in the world: The Tesla Model 3.
EVE Park and strategic partners have developed a program for our residents to sell their old vehicles and purchase or lease a Tesla.

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