Evolved Living


All the benefits of Single Family Detached living....
without all the hard work.

How Do You Live?

Evolved Living means more time to do the things you want to do. No repairing appliances. No lawn-care. No blowing snow, no scraping your windshield.  Fewer chores means more free time. More time to enjoy the one-of-a-kind features of your home, more time to explore your community and the surrounding amenities. More time to live life.   

If you were to truly base your selection of a neighbourhood and a home around  happiness and wellbeing, would a Single Family Detached (SFD) still win? EVE Park compliments your lifestyle with a very comfortable home - and fewer hassles.




An EVE Park home provides:

Amenities for a balanced work/home life;
Features and finishes for a healthy home;
Room to raise a family comfortably;
Public spaces to enjoy time with friends;
Nearby areas to explore nature up close;
and more!

Outdoor areas to enjoy with friends, family & neighbours.


More space to work and play comfortably.


Destress at home and in the community.


A safe place for kids to play outdoors.


Healthy pet-friendly environment.


A garage to protect my car, and for extra storage space.


An investment with benefits.


Questions about
EVE Park living?

View our floorplans, learn about EVE Car™ - our exclusive car share program, and learn more about EVE Park's innovative features.

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