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Inflation Protected Utilities


Inflation-protected utilities is a key feature of the EVE Park ownership experience, and you’ll find no “apples-to-apples” comparison. The first of these is protection against electricity price inflation. EVE Park produces and sells solar energy to the grid on a net-metered basis. What this means for you is inflation-protected* electricity usage costs per kWh. Future rises in electricity charges will be offset on your utility bill by higher revenues from your solar system. And because, the building is all-electric — you're insulated against increases in natural gas prices, and side-stepping exposure to carbon taxes connected with your home.

An EVE Park townhome is more than just an elegant dwelling space – it's also an integrated system of advanced energy-efficiency technologies. Their maintenance, upkeep and replacement cycle is covered under a reasonably priced, inflation-protected monthly utilities fee. Let's begin with fibre internet — 1.5 Gbps to the door, at an outstanding $30/m — guaranteed for the next five years. The cost to maintain all your energy-saving, water-heating and clean-air machinery this equipment is itemized in your monthly utilities bill, so you will never find yourself with surprise repair or replacement bills.

Our Exclusive Car Share Program
EVE Park is offering a fleet of premium EVs available for residents to share, all managed through a simple EVE Park-specific car share app. Choose from one of our four mobility plans that best fits your needs, so that the electric vehicle of your choice will be available to you when you need it. No matter if its a regular rental or an hourly rental for a family trip, your vehicle will be ready to go when you are!
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EVE Park Builder's Mortgage
Can you protect yourself against interest rate hikes as you plan your new home purchase? Yes you can. Working with the Royal Bank of Canada, EVE Park has secured an exclusive RBC© Green Home Mortgage now available to EVE Park buyers — the first development in London Ontario that has qualified for this program, and one of the first in Canada. This innovative program helps make the sustainable surprisingly attainable. Learn more about this unique offer via the Financing section of our website