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Located in Riverbend at West Five


Your West London Community

EVE Park is located in the budding Riverbend neighbourhood developed around the principles of wellness, innovation, and sustainability. Residing in close proximity to West 5 — the largest Smart Community in North America — and the Thames River, you will be steps away from lush parks as well as a variety of commercial and retail spaces. A quick walk to nearby parks and amenities, while just a short drive from central London and the 401 — this area is one of the most sought after in London.

EVE Park West London Community Map

2 Mixed Use Office
and Retail
Eolos (Coming Soon!)
Existing and Future Development


3-1 Oak West Animal Clinic

4 Helio (mixed-use residential apartment tower coming soon)

5 Future mixed-use residential/retail

6 Future Recreational Center

7 Retirement Apartments

8 Townhomes

9 Future mixed-use residential/retail

10 Future Grocery

11 Future Office Space

12 Legacy Square

Neighbourhood Highlights


By making your home a sustainable stacked townhouse condo rather than a single-family detached home, you’re striking a thoughtful balance — living close to nature — but treading lightly. Not only are there schools and commercial amenities in Riverbend and West 5, but also you’ll be close to the Thames River, steps away from lush parks, and abundant cycling and walking trails. It’s a balance a person could get used to.

The Forest City


London is home to a vast network of natural trails, parks, and woodlots. Remnants of London's natural history are preserved in places like the Westminster Ponds, Meadowlily Woods and Sifton Bog — which sits just across the river from EVE Park.

Where You Can Eat Local


From the Covent Garden Market in downtown London, to the weekend Farmers & Artisans Market at the Western Fair District, you can fill your basket and support local farmers. And with a market next door at West 5, good food is only steps away.

Enjoy a Night on the Town


Whether it’s music, theatre, a Knights game, or dinner out — it’s a quick trip to downtown and back. If you take advantage of EVE Park’s special leasing rates on Tesla cars — it’s guilt-free mileage too!

And Bask in the Outdoors


Do all roads lead to EVE Park? Not at all, but from EVE Park, it’s pretty easy to access London’s growing network of tails and bicycle paths to enjoy another form of carbon-free travel.

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