Live in a park, not a parking lot.

Style, sustainability, beautiful living spaces - and a smart new take on the problem of getting around. That’s EVE Park.

EVE Park is the first neighbourhood of its kind. It marks a reset in the relationship between people and automobiles, and between automobiles and living spaces. EVE Park demotes garages and driveways in favour of people-centred living spaces. And in EVE Park, car ownership itself becomes optional. That’s because an EVE Park address is not just where you live, it’s also your membership in an electric-car-share program exclusive to the EVE Park neighbourhood.

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Sustainable by Design

Approximately fifty percent of the typical Canadian’s carbon footprint traces to heating a home and driving a car. EVE Park offers a greener alternative: radically reducing your environmental footprint, without compromising style or your ability to get around.

That’s a comforting thought, and here’s another - your neighbors. In EVE Park, you’ll find other people who chose a new place to live based on the same sustainability vision.

Close to Work and Nature

Located in the northwest corner of London Ontario, EVE Park is about a twelve minute commute to Western University, and fifteen minutes to St. Joseph’s Hospital, London Life, and other downtown employers. Just as important it’s within easy walking and cycling distance of extensive green spaces - the Thames River, Komoka Park, and more. Proximity to green spaces is part of the design because people who care about nature, tend to like getting out in it.

Living in a park.

Green year-round.

Solar powered.

Just the Right Size for Shared Mobility.

At EVE Park, we are using technology to reset the relationship between car usage and car ownership. With up to 60 households qualified to participate in the electric car-share, EVE Park has enough scale to achieve meaningful cost savings over individual car ownership. And not too much scale. By making the car-share exclusive to EVE Park residents, community standards will help make this a positive experience. Your need to budget for insurance, lease payments, maintenance and depreciation will be radically simplified too.


There will be up to 60 households in the EVE neighbourhood. All will be offered as condominium homes. One, two and three-bedroom designs will be constructed with floor plans ranging from 800 to 2400 square feet.

A distinctive feature uniting all of these configurations is the demotion of car-parking to a shared garage, separated from the dwellings. This design choice will provide more room for living space, more room for green community living space, and it will make for a quiet, attractive and healthy environment surrounding the dwelling space.

Project Partners

The developer: S2E Technologies

With offices in Canada and Mexico, S2E is taking cleantech to the next level - specializing in building healthy communities with a minimal environmental footprint. Lead by veterans of the clean-energy industry, S2E has a successful track record developing technology and businesses to combat climate change.

The architects: Dror Benshetrit

Born in Turkey, now based in New York City, Dror is a globally-renowned designer who is challenging conventional ideas of residential housing. Dror’s first development consisted of a high-end residential masterplan for Nurai, a private island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The 49 properties sold in 72 hours before construction had even begun, and the project was dubbed the “Most Luxurious in the World” by Newsweek magazine.

The architects: Gensler

Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm with 46 locations and more than 5,000 professionals across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Founded in 1965, the firm serves more than 3,500 active clients in virtually every industry. Gensler designers strive to make the places people live, work, and play more inspiring, and more impactful.

s2e Technologies
Lond Hydro
Carbon Design

Join Us!

Would you like to participate in how EVE Park looks and feels? Join the conversation.

Here’s how it works. Everyone who registers with us as “Associate Designers”, will be invited to provide input on design and experience preferences through exclusive events and forums in the near future. With your input, we hope to begin construction soon.

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