Stylish, Sustainable, Surprisingly Attainable.

Move-in ready, with comfortable 2.55% financing.

Are you feeling like the rise in interest rates is standing between you and the home you want to own? We have some news to share that may make you feel differently.


In EVE Park Phase 1, there remains a selection of new two and three bedroom homes that are now rapidly approaching the stage of “Move-In Ready.”

These homes are among the first in Canada, and to the best of our knowledge, the first and only ones in London that qualify for the RBC® Green Home Mortgage.

This unique new product from RBC recognizes the fact that it pays to buy quality over the long term — and so the amortization period can be extended to 35 years — driving down monthly payments.

In addition to this, EVE Park has made available to buyers of these move-in-ready homes a special Three-Year rate of 2.55%. This offer is facilitated exclusively through RBC’s Builder’s Mortgage program.

What this comes down to, is that the financial carrying cost for the next three years on one of these exclusive new homes is the same as the financial carrying cost of a much more ordinary home — one with fewer sustainability features, and quite likely higher operating expenses.

For your reference, we’ve provided two PDFs that you can download and look over for more information. One is a comparative illustration of the monthly carrying cost of an EVE Park home compared with a generic alternative that does not have these special financing features.

The other is a more detailed explanation of the RBC® Green Home Mortgage.





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EVE Park featured in CNN Style report: "The new architecture set to shape the world in 2024"


Advertised to potential buyers as an “all-electric community powered by the sun,” Canada’s Electric Vehicle Enclave Park (or EVE Park) in London, Ontario is a net-zero residential project aimed squarely at the EV enthusiast.

True to its name, the development offers electric vehicle charging and a car-share program for residents. Rather than driveways or a ground-level parking lot, each of the condo buildings contains an automated “smart” parking tower that stores vehicles vertically, freeing up space for gardens and landscaping.

Designed for developer s2e Technologies by US architecture firm Gensler, the four circular residential structures can accommodate a combined 84 households. They are positioned and orientated to maximize sun exposure for the mass of solar panels that feed into the community’s “micro-grid.”



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Say Goodbye to Carbon Emissions

Tesla Logo

Our residents have the option to either purchase or lease the most popular electric vehicle in the world: The Tesla Model 3.
EVE Park and strategic partners have developed a program for our residents to sell their old vehicles and purchase or lease a Tesla.

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