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Stylish, Sustainable, and Attainable

With Phase 1 construction nearing completion, a select group of EVE Park homes are just about to be offered to buyers. Brand new. Move-in Ready.

If you’re shopping for a new home, you do owe it to yourself to visit EVE Park, tour one of these homes, and see if it feels right for you.

To say these homes are stylish might be an understatement. CNN Style recently identified EVE Park as one of 10 “bold and beautiful” buildings that will shape the world of architecture in 2024.

To say these homes are sustainable, would definitely be an understatement. They are all-electric net zero homes, powered by the sun. You can live in an EVE Park home all year long without your home contributing to climate altering emissions. There’s even an EV car-share.

As for attainable — there’s good news here also. Because EVE Park is so sustainable, it is one of the very first projects in Canada to qualify for the RBC® Green Home Mortgage.
The terms of this innovative new financing solution makes an EVE Park home more attainable than an ordinary home of the same price. And right now, for a limited time only, there is also a builder’s incentive rate available to make these homes much easier to carry than you might imagine.

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